Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

To be the earths most customer centric company that is building a place where people can come and achieve anything.


Our Mission

To give parents knowledge, resources and technology, to allow them to be more productive. This is so parents can spend more time, doing what they love.


Our Values

We value:

1. Time

  • We believe that we should all spend time doing what we love.

2. Knowledge

  • We believe that successful strategies should be shared, be accessible and easily actionable to all.

3. Simplification

  • We value the ability to make the complex, simple.

4. Life harmony

  • We believe that it is possible to achieve harmony in life despite the many competing demands.

5. Integrity

  • We believe in being honest and doing what is right. We believe in making it right, if we haven't done so.

6. Energy

  •  We believe in positive energy makes life better for all.

7. Innovation

  • We believe that innovation can ultimately solve the problems of the world.

8. Growth & accomplishment

  • We believe in personal growth for our members, as well as business growth for our guides, suppliers and our business.

9. Excellence

  • We believe in continuing to striving for improvement and a better result.

10. Synergy

  • We believe we can work together to achieve more.


Have More Time for FUN!

We believe that life should be about spending time doing the things that you love.

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