How it works

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Discover how MoreDone works?

MoreDone is like five (5) applications, all linked into one seamless, simple-to-use website.

All the functions are combined to minimise double entry and swapping between unlinked applications - all with the purpose of helping you get things done more efficiently.

Think of MoreDone like a combination of...

A Digital To-do list - that has been automated

Where the to-do list tasks are already written and reminders set for you - All to make it simple, save time and remove duplication.


With checklists – for multiple step projects

These steps get added into your to-do list and are from well-known specialist guides.

Commonly articles, blogs, books & videos with titles like - 7 Steps to.... The best way to.... How to... have been converted to an actionable digital To-do list.

The checklists are to save you time and money from searching, researching & experimenting with how to achieve your trickier projects.


Linked to a business directory – for tasks where you need help

With your tasks linked to resources as well as products & services that you will need. This is to save you searching & remembering websites and business to use. You can also;

  • Link websites for products & services that you already use too – these are all saved in an address book for you.
  • Read & contribute to reviews
  • See which business your friends use


With an enquiry & booking function

So you can ask make enquiries, request quotes, make bookings/appointments and calendar invites – again all automated so you do not have to make a double entry for what you need doing. Preferred times are used too to save time.


With email reminders & calendar invites

When things are on and need to be done. This means you can keep using your calendar and email if this is how you like running your day. MoreDone has a dashboard & calendar that you can use too.


With all these functions combined to provide the

What, When, How & Who to achieve almost everything.

Have More Time for FUN!

We believe life should be about spending time doing the things you love.

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