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You can create a to-do list & share it too.
• Help others,
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• Potentially make money.

Benefits for being a Guide

Create your steps-to-success in a to-do list & share it too.


1. Help others

If you simply get a kick out of helping others achieve something that you have achieved.

2. Gain Profile

Increase your profile as our users will save and use your to-do list and you will become well known for being a specialist in a certain area or industry.

3. Increase Website Traffic

As the contributor, you can provide your web address for our community to find more information.

4. Get Sales

Increase your sales from being listed as a supplier aligned to one or more of the steps in your to-do list.

5. Potentially get paid (in the future)

We plan to pay Guides a share of the advertising revenue that business pay to be a supplier on your to-do list. For example, if you added a process for Selling your Home that required a number of tradespeople aligned to each step, MoreDone can provide a relevant business for each step.

  1. MoreDone plans to share the advertising revenue with Guides, from the paid advertising from these businesses.
  2. You may have your business listed as a supplier as one or more of the steps and there will be no cost for you. Likewise you wont get paid for this listing either. 


4 Easy Steps to Get Started

and contribute as a Guide





Just like logging-in normally.                          


2. CREATE A TO-DO LIST              


Include one or more steps.                             





Others can then save & use your steps.     




Where needed, add a supplier for each step.


                 Get Started                 

Supplier options for your to-do list

  1. Leave it blank if there is no supplier needed for the steps in your process.
  2. Add your suggested supplier where needed, for each step in your process or,
  3. Add the category keyword if you would like MoreDone to provide a supplier - you may receive a share in the advertising revenue that is generated - in the future. 

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