Benefits for Businesses

Businesses thrive on a constant stream of customers to achieve success and growth.

However, there are common obstacles to growth during the four (4) stages of a purchase life cycle. MoreDone solves these obstacles.

1. Influencing/Advertising

Time and money is spent educating potential customers about the problem your business solves. For many reasons, people cannot purchase or book straight away and then the task of buying later, doesn’t make it to their to-do list either.

  • MoreDone provides our community tasks to save to their to-do lists. These tasks both raises the awareness of the problem that needs solving, as well as a frictionless way for people to save tasks to their to-do list.

2. New Sales

Businesses often make a sale when customers realise they have problem that needs solving or, when people are searching for a solution. 

  • Your business can be automatically listed as customers supplier when they have tasks that require your product/service. Your business can also feature when people search for product or service too. You simply need to list your business with MoreDone.

3. Repeat purchases

Repeat purchases are great for everyone but often a lost opportunity. Unless the previous purchase was recent, customers will forget how to contact your business again.

  • With MoreDone, your customers can save your product/service details to their preferred supplier list. Whenever they have a task that requires your product/service, your business will automatically be suggested again.

4. Referrals

Referrals provide benefits for the referrer, the customer and the buiness. However, asking for referrals can be awkward and customers will forget your business details, to share with friends and family too.

  • MoreDone is the ultimate word of mouth tool because, because people can see what products & services their friends use.

All these solutions require the first step - to list your business.

There is no cost for the listing PLUS for a limited time will include free advertising too.


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